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1996 Albany NY:  
​Icicle, Worlds Like Violence, Rattle Snakes, Cooling, Pandora, Beauty Queen Horses, Cool On Your Island, Doughnut Song, Crucify, Me & A Gun, Baker, Baker, China, Thank Heaven For Little Girls, Hey Jupiter.
MISC Videos:
YKTR, Cornflake Girl (UK), God, Past The Mission, Pretty Good Year, Cornflake Girl (US), CALS, Talula, SATY, Crucify, China, Winter, MTV Interview, Jay Leno, God & Baker, Baker.  Pretty Good Year, Icicle, David Letterman Cornflake Girl, Beavis & Butthead Crucify, CNN, Jay Leno CALS, Tommy Hilfiger
Disk 4:  NY  1996:  
Little Amsterdam, Upside Down, Rattlesnakes, Winter, Beauty Queen, Horses, Cover, Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Not The Red Baron, Crucify, Yes, Annastassia, Me & A Gun, Landslide, Honey, Hey Jupiter, Playboy Mommy, Time.
Washington DC - 1996
Beauty Queen, Horses, Losing My Religon, Blood Roses, Little Amsterdam, Cornflake Girl, Doughnut Song, In The Spring Time of His Voodoo, Icicle, Leather, Precious Things, Not The Red Baron, CALS, Marianne, Me & A Gun, China, Over The Rainbow, Russia, Pretty Good Year, Hey Jupiter.
Horses, Icicle, Tale To The Sky, CALS, Cornflake Girl, Doughnut Song, Little Earthquakes, Mohammed My Friend, Winter, precious Things, Not The Red Baron, Talula, Me & A Gun, Cover, Pretty Good Year, Sister Janet.
*Montreal:  Leather, Crucify, Icicle, Cooling.
New York 3/30/94: 
Flying Dutchman, Crucify, ​Icicle, Precious Things, Happy Phantom, Pretty Good Year, God, SATY, Leather, Smells Like Teen Spirit, ​Me & A Gun, Baker Baker, Cornflake Girl, Winter, PIeces of Me, Here in My Head

BOOTLEG VIDEOS - Collected over time

Here is the collection of what I have collected so far.